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Sub:- ULTRA IN EX uPVC windows and Doors Introduction

UPVC plastic doors and windows Commonly known as plastic steel windows and doors , is made of Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) resin with more than 10 kinds of additives, through extrusion and mould extrusion bars (Profiles); bar after cutting, loading the reinforcing steel, welded frame and assembled on the seal, hardware the assembled glass doors and windows.

As the windows made with UPVC have a wrapping of galvanized steel, they are stronger and more durable, as compared to their counterparts that are not made from the material. The biggest advantage of plastic windows and doors is energy saving. Upvc profiles windows and doors are mainly reflected in 3 aspects of energy saving.

1) Production process of energy saving. It is reported that the production of the same weight of PVC profiles of energy consumption is the steel 1/4, aluminum 1/8.

2) Recycling of energy saving. For a long time, people only think that metal doors and windows can be recycled, plastic doors and windows recycling more energy saving, environmental protection.

3) Plastic windows and doors no need melting casting and rolling like metal material. only waste material crushing, or adding new material extrusion, recycled materials can be used for the production of products such as flooring, park bench.

4) UPVC is not affected by the changes in climate, as is the case with wood. Also, UPVC windows last longer than the windows made using wood or metal.

5) Relatively easy to maintain and provide amazing insulation against ambient noise.

6) These windows are easy to fix, adjust, and remove. So, you do not have to spend a fortune on installation either. A number of UPVC windows are anticrowbar and hence, they cannot be pried open with force by intruders.

7) UPVC windows are easy to care for High quality UPVC windows are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Wooden windows, on the other hand, have to be glazed just about every two years and painted every 5 years.

State-of-the-art UPVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions and light-fast. To clean the window frames all you need is dishwashing liquid due to the easy-care properties of the smooth profile surfaces.

8) UPVC windows boast an excellent eco balance UPVC windows are 100 % recyclable and therefore resource-saving. 40 % of all gas and oil reserves in the world are used for heating and for supplying energy to buildings, whereas just 4 % go into the production of plastics of which just 1 % are used for PVC. Besides being recyclable, the durability and low levels of pollution during the production of UPVC profiles help produce an excellent eco-balance and contribute towards protection of the environment.

UPVC windows last much longer than wooden windows and consume substantially less energy during the manufacturing process.

9) Windows and doors are made to save you time and money. They will never require sanding, painting or varnishing. They will never rot or warp, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy life.

You may wipe the windows with a soft cloth and standard household cleaner to remove any dust. The hardware will need to be oiled once a year. With so many advantages, it is quite clear why one should choose UPVC windows for home or office or public buildings.

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