Why uPVC?

What is uPVC?

ULTRA IN-EX, a premier manufacturer and supplier of UPVC doors and windows in Mumbai, discusses why UPVC is superior to traditional materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum.

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is one of the most versatile polymers on the planet, and uPVC, a substance that is rising in popularity by the day, is based on it. PVC is also one of the most widely used polymers, with applications in nearly every aspect of our lives. It is known to be employed in a multitude of fields, ranging from everyday use to life-saving devices. PVC has a degree of flexibility that makes it suitable for a variety of applications. This flexibility is exploited to create a specific blend, uPVC, which is also used in doors and windows, thanks to a unique formulation. Unplasticized is the full form of 'U' in uPVC. Because of the presence of Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride in the polymer, uPVC is commonly utilized as a frame material; the name is also the widely accepted full form of uPVC. As a frame material, uPVC is unrivaled in terms of quality, requires little maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors. With the multiple advantages of uPVC doors and windows, the material has managed to capture a 50% market share in nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. It's also known as vinyl siding or vinyl in these countries.


ULTRA IN-EX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium uPVC doors and windows. Here, you will know why uPVC is better than conventional materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. Let us have a look at the various benefits of superior quality uPVC doors and windows.


Benefits of uPVC Doors & Windows:

What is best about uPVC doors and windows is that their performance characteristics are unmatched. There are several special characteristics that define uPVC, meaning that their benefits too are significant:

• UPVC is not affected by the changes in climate, as is the case with wood. Also, UPVC windows last longer than the windows made using wood or metal.

• Relatively easy to maintain and provide amazing insulation against ambient noise.

• These windows are easy to fix, adjust, and remove. So, you do not have to spend a fortune on installation either. A number of UPVC windows are anticrowbar and hence, they cannot be pried open with force by intruders.

• UPVC windows are easy to care for High quality UPVC windows are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Wooden windows, on the other hand, have to be glazed just about every two years and painted every 5 years.

• State-of-the-art UPVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions and light-fast. To clean the window frames all you need is dishwashing liquid due to the easy-care properties of the smooth profile surfaces.

• UPVC windows boast an excellent eco balance UPVC windows are 100 % recyclable and therefore resource-saving. 40 % of all gas and oil reserves in the world are used for heating and for supplying energy to buildings, whereas just 4 % go into the production of plastics of which just 1 % are used for PVC. Besides being recyclable, the durability and low levels of pollution during the production of UPVC profiles help produce an excellent eco-balance and contribute towards protection of the environment.

• UPVC windows last much longer than wooden windows and consume substantially less energy during the manufacturing process.

• The windows and doors that are made using uPVC by ULTRA IN-EX will save you time and money. They will never require sanding, painting, or varnishing. They will never rot or warp, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy life.

• You may wipe the windows with a soft cloth and standard household cleaner to remove any dust. The hardware will need to be oiled once a year. With so many advantages, it is quite clear why one should choose UPVC windows for home or office or public buildings.

With so many advantages, it is quite clear why one should choose uPVC windows for home or office, or public buildings. As the windows made with uPVC have a wrapping of galvanized steel, they are stronger and more durable, as compared to their counterparts that are not made from the material.

Why Are uPVC Profiles Popular in the Building and Construction Industry?

ULTRA IN-EX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium uPVC doors and windows. If you are still not satisfied with the benefits of uPVC profiles, then read on to know why uPVC is popular and better than conventional materials like wood, steel, and aluminum.


  • Earth movements can cause deformations in materials. uPVC doors and windows are able to withstand these deformations.
  • It has good insulation features.
  • It has higher durability and strength.
  • It is also a hygienic method for the transportation of fluids.
  • It is also resistant to various concentrations of oils, fats, alkalis, acids, and organic chemicals.
  • It is completely recyclable and reusable.
  • It is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing.
  • It is not subjected to contamination and has good resistance to fungi.
  • Simple to install and cheaper to transport, uPVC profiles have lower density.
  • The thermal conductivity of uPVC is low.